December 2, 2004

Campus Couture

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Late night cramming, begging your chemistry professor to pass you and dissolving into tears in the middle of Uris Library. Happy finals, everyone! Oh, and for those of you who actually make it through, the holiday season is also here. And holiday shopping can be even more stressful than your finals. Fortunately for you, we have some GREAT gift ideas for everyone in the family.


Your mom is always telling you how she wishes she could be 21 again. Give her what she’s secretly been dreaming of — this hot dress, and the chance to party like a college student once again. Just don’t blame us when the guys start hitting on her.


What does every guy want for the holidays? You guessed it, designer jeans! Your mom will appreciate the butt cleavage and dad will love the super-tight fit. He may not be able to do any work, play basketball with his friends or even breathe in them, but at least he’ll look good wandering around the house.


Could you be any more bitchy? Retro-ing back to the days when you were flat as a chalkboard is not an excuse for giving your little sister a training bra. Still, it’s possible she may appreciate how useful your gift is, as she transitions from girl to womanhood (lucky her). We say take a chance. It’s all part of the fun holiday spirit.


Ah, back to the days of tighty-whiteys. What better gift to give your little brother than a set of cotton briefs? He’ll definitely appreciate them more than that GameBoy Advance game he’s been asking for. He’ll have way more fun picking out which bears to wear to school than he would playing Mario. We guarantee it.


You want to get your girlfriend something useful, don’t you? She has enough jewelry, and she must have been kidding when she left that Tiffany’s catalog open on your desk. Like you’d ever spend that much money on her! Besides, you’d rather get her something original. She’s always saying how she needs to start working out, so give her a little motivation with some fitness wear!


So it’s your first holiday with your boyfriend and you want to get him something special. DVDs and a case of beer just seem too impersonal. Don’t despair, we have the solution! Check out this t-shirt, adorned with festive reindeer. He’ll appreciate the sentiment, especially when you “Aww!” as he tries it on.

Archived article by Wendi Kane and Katie Azzaro
Sun Staff Writers