March 10, 2005

Campus Couture

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Maybe it’s just because we’re seniors and tired of this place, but lately we’ve noticed a severe lack of manners on the Cornell campus. Some of you may have great style, but all of the money in the world can’t buy class! If your parents and teachers left these basic lessons out of your curriculum, we’re going to take this opportunity to fill you in. Guess what, boys and girls? It’s “Wear Your Manners” Week!

The Sneezing Man

When someone around you sneezes, you say “Bless you.” When you sneeze and someone says “Bless you,” you say “Thank you.” We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people overlook this common courtesy. The next time we sneeze and you don’t bless us, we’re wiping our snotty hands on you!

Boy Holding Door

We know that holding a door open for others may seem like it requires too much effort, but letting a door slam in someone’s face is just plain rude. Take the extra five seconds out of your busy day to perform this nice gesture. Oh, and don’t forget — when someone holds the door for you, thank them.


We know a lot of you think quite highly of yourselves, but you’re really no better than the people who serve you. There’s no reason why you can’t treat the janitors in your dorm, the cooks in the dining halls and the cashiers in the campus stores with the same consideration that you show professors. No matter what their job is, everyone deserves respect. Crowed Bar

We know that Collegetown bars are ridiculously crowded. It is inevitable that you are going to bump into people, step on people’s feet and maybe even spill an occasional drink. However, a simple “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” can make all the difference. So acknowledge your actions and you can escape a night in the ER with a broken nose.

Crossing the Street

There’s not much time in between classes, so of course you’re going to be in a hurry. But people in cars need to get places too, and they shouldn’t have to wait five minutes at each crosswalk for herds of students. Wait for your turn and don’t take advantage of the fact that the driver isn’t going to run you over. If you keep pissing them off, you may be in for a surprise.

Girl on Cell Phone

We all could spend less time yapping into our phones and more time interacting with our immediate surroundings. Come on now, is it really that necessary to call your significant other between every class? Here’s a wild idea — try leaving your phone at home when you go to campus — or at the very least, turn the ringer off during class.

Archived article by Katie Azzaro and Jessica Karp
Sun Staff Writers