March 31, 2005

Campus Couture

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Last week’s fun in the sun is but a distant memory as Cornell students left tropical paradises only to return to pounding rain and dreary clouds. Tans are already beginning to fade as we face the dismal weather in Ithaca. But cheer up — it’s almost April! Start shopping for some new spring gear because I have a feeling that nice weather is just around the corner.

Michael Kors Sandals
So you need a little extra height but are tired of tottering around campus in four-inch heels? These espadrilles are the answer to your prayers! Comfortable and sturdy yet totally cute, these sandals are just the thing to take you through spring and summer. They are a bit pricey but still a great investment. By this fall, you’ll have worn them to death without the blisters to prove it.

Anthropologie Skirt
Circle skirts are showing up everywhere this season, so if you want to get in the trend but still stand out from the crowd, check out this embellished skirt from Anthropologie. It has the basic, oh-so flattering design, while the pretty pattern and splash of sequins make it special.

Intuition Tee
Ok, so you haven’t been hitting the tanning beds and you spent your spring break lying on your couch, not on the beach. So what? You’re proud to say that your skin color is natural, even if that color is an unattractive shade of white. So go ahead and broadcast to the world that pale skin is in just don’t blind innocent bystanders with your gleaming whiteness!

Urban Outfitters Reef Sandals
Make no mistake boys — no one is endorsing the display of the male foot. Let’s be honest here — hairy, misshapen toes and gnarly yellow toenails are just not attractive. If you still insist on wearing sandals, pick up a pair like these. Your feet will still be ugly but at least your footwear won’t.

Hollister Surf Shorts
Once the snow begins to melt, it’s almost impossible not to dream of surfing and swimming in sunnier climes. Unfortunately, this spring you’re stuck in Ithaca, writing papers and taking tests. At least you can bring a little bit of that surfer style to Cornell with these colorful board shorts. Splashing around in the gorges may not compare with swimming in the Pacific, but at least it will hold you over until the end of the semester!

J. Crew Polo Shirt
Ah, the polo shirt — a perennial warm-weather staple. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Lacoste or Ralph Lauren, pink or navy, solid or striped. With this classic, you can’t go wrong. Check out J. Crew’s enormous selection of polo shirts in every color and pattern you could ever want.

Archived article by Katie Azzaro
Sun Staff Writer