April 7, 2005

Test Spin: Subtitle

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Attention 50 Cent fans: Subtitle has never been shot. You can skip to the next review. Now that I have surgically removed all two million idiots who bought The Massacre from my audience, I can get down to business.

Say what, a 7-foot rapper? Can he really jive? You bought Shaq’s albums and feel that rapping ability is inversely p to height and number of gun shot wounds? What’s next, a 400-pound Hispanic rapper who calls himself Fat Joe and surrounds himself in videos with the same cheap fly-girls I bought in Vegas last summer? Subtitle is really seven feet tall and the boy can flow. Young Dangerous Heart is everything that The Massacre isn’t. This is not rap music for da club or sippin’ on Cristal. You will never hear samples like these; they are fresh and confounding, produced by some of the most respected names I don’t recognize. More amazing is that Subtitle can scat-rap his way over these beats. This is rap at its finest.

Archived article by Stan Feldman
Sun Staff Writer