May 2, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is very funny, but I’ll start by saying this. All you Hitchhiker’s super fans: this movie does not do the book justice, as many movies don’t. So don’t go to see the writing of Douglas Adams immortalized on the screen. Go because on it’s own, the movie’s not bad. In fact, I was laughing a good part of the time, and Jim Henson’s Creature Studios did a fantastic job making monsters that are just plain better than watching computer animation. The movie on its own, although it had some issues, was enjoyable, joining the ranks of A Series of Unfortunate Events and possibly the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in its witty fantasy for all age groups.

The plot of the movie was a little stretched, and a little overdone. It centered around a love plot between Arthur Dent, the film’s protagonist, and Trillion, the object of his affection. With the earth having been destroyed and the brainless president of the galaxy on the run, landing so hard on the importance of love and that one special person seemed a little clich