September 22, 2005

Campus Couture

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Now that exams are kicking in, few of us have time for the weekend trip to the city or even a jaunt to the Pyramid-o-depression. You cannot, however, let your wardrobe fall behind or (gasp!) out of date. Not only will you feel run down – you’ll look like it. Thankfully, help is here. The best of New York City is sitting right in your bedroom where with a click, you can peruse virtual racks from thousands of your favorite stores from the Gap to Gucci. As lovers of mall shopping, we were as skeptical as you surely are, but we’ve found that you can get great deals on cute things that the stores on 5th Ave don’t even carry. You won’t even have to worry about getting dressed up for a day of shopping. The following are a few of our most fab finds that will have you looking forward to something other than your menacing prelims.


When it comes to glam clothes, we swear by Arden B. They have a shirt to fit almost every body type and their styles range from demure to diva. While they may be a bit pricey for the average night out, you’ll turn so many heads that you’ll realize it was well worth the splurge. Pick a piece you wouldn’t find anywhere else or on someone else. As an added bonus, they have countless accessories and bags to compliment every shirt in their store.


The mecca for shoes of any style, price or designer is undoubtedly Zappos. Whether you’re in the mood for some comfy ClUGGettes or sexy stilettos, they have it all. You can search by size, style, designer and even price range for the perfect pair to suit any occasion. Beware: some shoes may seem really cute online but are heinous when you try them on, so choose wisely.


The all-American store is best known for their khakis and jeans, but occasionally they shock us with their ultra-trendy accessories and bags. While we’re sure you’re thinking that these are neutral-toned, ultra-conservative, substitute teacher-esque accessories, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Their metallic sequined belt in either gold or dark blue is the perfect accent for any going out attire. To avoid being mistaken for Lil’ Kim, refrain from wearing this belt with anything else that is uber-glitzy. Instead, sling it around a pair of Gap’s new curvy flare jeans and you’ll have just the right look.


For cozy tees in every color imaginable, check out C&C California’s site. They have hundreds of tees, jeans and dresses in simple styles that will keep you looking cute and comfortable during your hours in the library. To successfully transfer these basics from prelims to The Palms, accent them with an eye-catching beaded necklace or sequined brooch. Steer clear of the tie-dyed options, this isn’t a Grateful Dead concert and there isn’t an accessory on earth that will stop you from looking like somebody’s bad acid trip.


Surprisingly, Vicky’s website offers adorable clothes, shoes and accessories of all kinds to wear over their must-have bras. And no, you don’t have to be a playboy bunny to wear their styles. They have cute cardigans for the chilly days when you’re walking to class and trendy tops for that hot date on Friday night. One downside is that the merchandise vary greatly in cuteness factor (from goddess to grandma), so you need to be sure of your sense of style before surfing this site.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo
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