October 20, 2005

Campus Couture

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The major highlights of dreary October are the home football games and surely most of you haven’t taken a single step onto Schoellkopf since you rushed the field freshman year. This needs to end. It’s time to drop your orgo textbook, get off your ass and go support our sexy football team. There’s more to school spirit than throwing on a Cornell sweatshirt over your PJ’s on the way to class. If you want to be a true Cornellian, show those poser bears who’s boss and wear something that screams, “We’re big, we’re red and we’re better than you.”

The Rules
When it comes to football fashion there are no rules. Be crazy, have fun and more importantly, be excessive. This is your chance to look cool while dressing like an idiot. We envy the Virginia Tech, Michigan and Syracuse fans who can dress with the spirited abandon that comes with the security of knowing that you won’t be the only oddball in a sea of uptight collar poppers. While the preppy country club look works for class, don’t bring it with you on the field. It’s vital to dress for the occasion, and a football game is no exception.

The Makeup
Why can’t the Lynah Faithful be a little more Schoellkopf steadfast? We need more people like the two half-naked painted hockey fans. Props to them for embracing school spirit … on their chests. If running around naked with body paint smeared all over you seems a bit much, at the very least, paint some C’s on your cheeks for this Saturday’s game.

Refrain however, from painting your ta-tas with messages to offend the opposing team. Not cute/cool and definitely not school spirited. If you’re going to look like trailer trash, don’t do it on our bleachers.

The Hair
If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like as a redhead, now’s your chance. Pick up a can of red or silver Halloween hairspray, which you can find in every store this time of year and go to town. Also, for a cute and less punk rock look, tie some red ribbons or tinsel in your hair to show the team that you’ve got spirit. Don’t be afraid to do pigtails, braids or whatever else strikes your fancy. Now is the time to have fun and do whatever you want without getting the who-is-that-freak look from others.

The Clothes
Most important is your attire, unless you’ve decided that the all-over body paint thing is for you. The rules are wear RED, wear RED and wear RED!! Don’t show up in a black Lacoste polo and don’t even bother coming if you are going to be wearing another school’s gear. Remember what happened to the kid wearing the Harvard hat at Lynah last year?

Even though the football fans are not nearly as fanatical, doing the same in Schoellkopf is just as insulting. So if you can’t be bothered to wear your CU sweatshirt (you know everyone has one), stay in the library where you belong.

The Accessory
The final and most key accessory for game day is your school spirit. You can be decked in red from head to toe but if you’re sitting silent on the bleachers then it was a waste of your efforts. Stop trying to be prim and proper and cheer your team to victory. Nothing is more fashionable or thrilling than rooting for your team’s triumph with fellow Cornellians at your side.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos, Jackie Levin and Joanna DiCostanzo
Sun Staff Writers