October 20, 2005

Test Spin: The International Noise Conspiracy

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Rick Rubin, arguably the biggest name in the music business, has just produced a record by a group of Swedish punks? Your damn right he did and the result is awesome. With the help of a producer who gets shout outs from the likes of Jay-Z and Run DMC, The (International) Noise Conspiracy create a sound that is hard hitting, energetic and raw, with funky guitar hooks that make that impending global Communist revolution seem jazzy and playful. Lead singer Dennis Lyxzen of former hardcore anarchic band Refused blends upbeat keyboard riffs and a retro, amped-up, 1960s garage-rock-revival sound that delivers on just about every track. With the help of keyboardist Jonas Kullhammar, the band brilliantly blends Stevie Wonder-esque piano riffs with Lars Stromberg’s bluesy punk rock guitar chords in “The Dream Is Over.” Noise Conspiracy prove that they have studied their history by transforming anti-Capitalist dogma into clever rhetoric on “Communist Moon.” Throughout the song, Lyxzen repeats the phrase “let’s all share a dream under a Communist moon,” a playful twist on a famous LBJ speech.

Archived article by Jonny Lieberman
Sun Contributor