November 17, 2005

Test Spin: Various Artists

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The latest foray into Seth Cohen’s iTunes playlist, The O.C. Mix 5 is definitely Harbor School-worthy. The CD features songs from the past season’s greatest moments. Remember when The O.C. princess packed a gun and shot her boyfriend Ryan’s older brother Trey? Bad for Trey but good for television. The only thing that made the cliffhanger even better was the music playing in the background. Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” was the song that you heard and tried to find. Another great moment was when Ryan and Marissa finally got together and experienced a milestone – choosing their song. They decided to choose the next song that played on the radio and, what do you know, it was a new version of “Forever Young” (that was probably made just for the moment). In this acoustic version, a band called Youth Group takes Alphaville’s song, slows it down and adds a guitar. “California 2005” by Phantom Planet deserves a listen. The band recorded a new version of the show’s theme song, which comes off much darker and slower. It sounds like it’s actually become painful for them to perform.

Archived article by Logan Bromer
Associate Arts and Entertainment Editor