February 16, 2006

It's Getting Better

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What a great time to be at Cornell! Things got off to a promising start this week when Happy Dave miraculously began to play “I Like to Move It” only twice per night at Oakenshields. And then Cornell University announced it had put “four seconds of video that rocked the world of ornithology” on its website! Jesus, could things get any better?

I didn’t think so until someone told me that the Cornell Concert Commission would be bringing a band to campus – and it’s not Sugar Ray or Smash Mouth! I know, I could hardly believe it myself.

After all, now that they’ve already brought Collective Soul, Lifehouse and Third Eye Blind here this semester, how many washed up, late-thirtysomething MOR bands that appealed to insecure, pre-pubescent Long Islanders in 1997 who heard these bands in Can’t Hardly Wait and thought that if they bought the bands’ albums, by the time they got to high school, they would get to have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt are there left for the CCC to bring to Cornell? Damn it, Jennifer Love Hewitt, how long must I wait!

Evidently the Concert Commission is trying a new direction for choosing bands because they’re bringing the premier indie rock band you can dance to, Franz Ferdinand, here in two months. If this was 2005, hipsters all over campus would express elation at the mention of seeing Franz Ferdinand live, but it’s just been too many months, and we now have to tell people that we’ll go to the concert, but only because we have nothing better to do.

But what has made this week truly tremendous is that the Fanclub Collective finally got their hands on the brother/sister duo Fiery Furnaces, whose 2004 Blueberry Boat is easily one of the most creative and exciting albums of the decade. While their 2005 release Rehearsing My Choir, featuring their grandma Olga on vocals, is easily one of the worst of the decade, I doubt Olga will be able to make it up to Ithaca, so that album probably won’t be played much at the concert.

More importantly, Happy Birthday Steph! I love you so much. I think you’re beautiful and can’t imagine my life without you. Sorry about bringing up the whole Jennifer Love Hewitt thing again.

Archived article by Jared Wolfe
Sun Staff Writer