February 23, 2006

Target Best Buys

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Have you checked your account balance or wallet lately? Looking pretty bleak huh? College kids are notorious for running on a tight budget, and very few of us have the expendable income to buy the latest Manolos without daddy’s plastic taking the hit. So to ease the woes of thousands of slim-walleted students, we decided to take a little trip to Pyramid to see what fine Ithaca has to offer. To our delight, Target has some hidden treasures that are sure to brighten up your wardrobe without demolishing your checking account.

Long necklaces were hot, are hot and still continue to be so this spring and Target has done a great job with their selection of these must-have accessories. You can get natural wood, boho woven, or even glam gold necklaces that plunge elegantly down any dress or halter you want. They may not be made of the sturdiest material, but for less than 16 bucks, who cares? Plus, saving on accessories gives you the right to splurge on the new bathing suit you’ve been dying to wear to PR this spring break.

How many handbags do you have collecting dust in your closet because you are worried they’ll get doused in beer the first minute you step into Johnny O’s? There’s no need to live in fear anymore, because you can get a chic simple going-out purse for less than you’re going to spend on booze this Thursday. The sequined gold one shown would look amazing with a simple black tube top or halter, and we’re sure it will rack up the compliments.

The days of endless rain are nearing as winter winds down, so to prepare, every girl needs a pair of cute galoshes. Target online has them in every pattern and style you could ever want or need. Go crazy and get two pairs to match multiple outfits. They only cost $20 and are definitely more functional than most of the other shoes buried within the depths of your closet. While we understand that they are not Pucci or Burberry, they do the exact same thing, fit better, and honestly, who cares what designer made the boots that you wear trudging through muddy puddles?

I was frantically looking for a pair of spike heels to wear out last weekend, when I stumbled upon these cute bronze pumps. They are dainty, elegant, and actually fit more comfortably than any other stilettos I’ve ever slipped on. Try them on with jeans or a shirt skirt. These shoes look great with either and are ideal for going out because you won’t freak out if they get scuffed or dirty (and you know they will).

You wanted the Chanels, and you drooled over the Diors, but frankly most of us don’t have the 400 dollars to shell out for a pair of sunglasses that we’re going to lose in the sand the first day on the beach. For a glam look without the celebrity price tag, Target has the J-Lo aviators and the Paris Hilton movie star shades that are essential for sunning on spring break. Go and check out all their pairs and get one that looks absolutely fab, and you’ll be ready to hit the waves worry-free.

Now guys, we know you feel left out, so we did a little reconnaissance work in your department. Our search was successful and we found that some of their button downs aren’t half bad. A black shirt with vertical stripes is a sexy basic that every guy should have in his party clothes collection, and at the price you have no excuse not to own one. Now you can look hot and spend the money you saved on drinks for us this weekend.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo