March 16, 2006

Elliott Brood's Tin Type EP

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Save Johnny Cash, I’ve always felt there to be little energy in country and folk music. Turns out I felt wrong. Elliott Brood’s E.P. Tin Type illustrates just how unique and inspiring this genre of music can be, though I would be hard pressed to label Brood as mere “folk.” Featuring driving vocals and dynamic riffs, songs such as “Oh Alberta” and “Only At Home” compel even those with two left feet to move a little. Then there’s “Cadillac Dust,” a track that creates an impressively vivid atmosphere with a dark, stormy mood. (The storm effects in the background and the subsequent arrival of a rainstorm outside as I write this might have helped a little as well.)

The softer tracks include “Bowling Green,” which does an excellent job of showing off creative guitar and banjo work, as well as melodic, haunting vocals. Elliott Brood is definitely a breath of fresh air, unlike anything I have heard before, and the short but sweet Tin Type is most certainly a must for anyone who enjoys a bit of change every once in a while. Seriously, who could’ve known that folk could rock?

Archived article by Blake Horn