March 16, 2006

Jaheim's Ghetto Classics

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Jaheim is such a nice guy that he encourages you right on the album cover to send him a text message. Similarly, his website invites emails-click on the link and you will be provided with a blank email window entitled “sup Jaheim!”

Basically, Jaheim wants everyone to be happy. Particularly women, but also everybody else. His last hit, “Fabulous,” was a nakedly manipulative pride anthem for African-American youth, complete with a children’s chorus. But in spite of the corny tricks, the song is incredible-I bet even the most jaded listener secretly feels really inspired upon hearing it.

That track was on 2002’s Still Ghetto, which was preceded by Ghetto Love. And now Ghetto Classics. Jaheim clearly knows where his albums are selling. The album was number one on the billboard pop charts this month-amidst all the American Idol materialism and vacuous adolescent angst, it’s refreshing to see a disc of sincere, forward-looking R&B on top. But I have a suspicion that mine is the only copy on campus.

Archived article by Shuja Haider