March 16, 2006

Spring Fashion Winners and Losers

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Spring is on its way, and fortunately we have compiled a list of this season’s fashion dos and don’ts. So when you are winding down, enjoying spring break and doing some shopping, keep our advice in mind. It’s time to whip out the credit card and start getting ready for spring!!


Plaid Pants

Is it really necessary to go out of your way to purchase pants that make you look like a 70’s throwback? While the inner prep in me is a huge fan, plaid is something that should be reserved for the inner lining of your jacket, not the bottom half of your body. Its pattern is not meant to be flattering as pants no matter what figure you have. Curvy girls look overly shapely sporting plaid, and thin girls look like they are being swallowed by the overwhelmingly busy pattern. If you can’t part with it, buy something a little less bold than a pair of pants, like a skirt which is more feminine and inherently more attractive.

Trucker Hats

They were a huge fad in high school, and they should’ve stayed there. Trucker hats were a girl’s way of saying, “hey … I can dress like a guy and still look cute,” but that time has past. The eyesores I’ve seen around lately have been embellished with neon pinks, greens and sparkles, which make me shudder in absolute horror. Hats like these are just plain tacky. If you’re going to sport redneck wear, keep it simple. Wear a plain one with a pair of jeans and t-shirt, and you’ll look cute and country. Don’t try on a gaudy spray painted one and match it with a skirt and glitzy top. You just look more trailer trash than anything.



This season crochet is back in a big way! A great take on the standard shrug, crocheted shrugs and sweaters are a must for spring. Not only are these cute and updated, they are also practical. We all know that the weather in Ithaca is unpredictable, and, lucky for us, these shrugs offer the perfect combination of warmth and style. Crocheted shrugs are great when paired with a long, fitted tee and jeans and complete a casual, yet sophisticated look. The best part about shrugs: unlike big, bulky sweaters, these gems don’t swallow you whole, and tastefully show off your figure.


Fortunately, spring implies that we no longer have to trudge around campus with 10 pound weights on our feet. This season’s flats are super cute, comfortable and trendy. They look great paired with everything from capris to a denim mini. Personally, we are thrilled about the return of pretty flats for two reasons. First, Ithaca’s mountainous terrain is beyond treacherous, and unless you are eager to sprain an ankle, flats are definitely the way to go. Secondly, to our dismay, espadrilles and wedges are all the rage right now, and if you’re like us, flats are a great (and better) alternative.

Bermuda Shorts

While really cute and a great alternative to those trashy, 2″ seam shorts (damn you Jessica Simpson!), Bermuda shorts tend to be the trickiest spring trend on the list. Unfortunately, these pants tend to look best on small or athletic frames. If you are able to pull off Bermudas, these shorts, when fitted properly, are a perfect way to subtly show off great legs. It is best to stick to more neutral tones and to steer clear from patterns.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo