April 27, 2006

DFA Remixes: Chapter One

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Whatever one may think of the rise of indie-dance or dance-funk, there is little denying that Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy, in their capacity as the DFA, have carved out an identifiable and marketable niche in the world of dance production. Gathering remixes of artists as varied as Le Tigre, Chemical Brothers, Fischerspooner, Gorillaz and Hot Chip, this compilation offers a view of the team’s remix work from 2001 to the present.

That view is pretty clear, incidentally, since the same ideas recur repeatedly: Murphy’s muscular percussion, analog squelches looped over vintage synths, and a compositional sensibility somewhere between disco, kraut and indie.

Whether it’s turning a two-minute Blues Explosion afterthought into a 12-minute dancefloor squall, or re-working Metro Area’s “Orange Alert” with little more than the original keyboards intact, the DFA possess an uncanny facility for improving upon an eclectic range of originals by applying their own signature sound.

Archived article by Aaron Tate