May 2, 2006

About The Sun

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Independent Since 1880

127th Editorial Board
Emily Cohn ’10
New York, N.Y.
Editor in Chief
Lindsay Bass ’10
New City, N.Y.
Business Manager
Benjamin H. Eisen ’10
Cambridge, Mass.
Managing Editor
G. Scott Russ ’10
Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
Web Editor
Ilea Malaney ’11
Watkins Glen, N.Y.
Advertising Manager
Sammy Perlmutter ’10
Los Angeles, Calif.
Associate Editor
Keenan S. Weatherford ’11
Aptos, Calif.
Sports Editor
Jasmine Orzech Marcus ’10
Upper Montclair, N.J.
Assistant Managing Editor
Deborah Tan ’10
Summit, N.J.
Design Editor
Matthew S. Hintsa ’10
Westport, Conn.
Photography Editor
Ted Hamilton ’10
Wellesley, Mass.
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Ann Lok Lui ’10
San Francisco, Calif.
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Michael J. Stratford ’11
Belmont, Mass.
City Editor
Sam Cross ’11
Greenwich, Conn.
News Editor
Seth Shapiro ’11
Cleveland, Ohio
News Editor
Venus Wu ’11
Hong Kong, China
News Editor
Alexandra Perez ’10
Fairfax, Va.
Daze Editor
Meredith Bennett-Smith ’10
Penryn, Calif.
Assistant Sports Editor
Rahul Kishore ’12
Los Altos, Calif.
Assistant Sports Editor
Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown ’12
Philadelphia, Pa.
Assistant Sports Editor
Cara E. Sprunk ’10
Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J.
Assistant Daze Editor
Chris Bentley ’10
Slingerlands, N.Y.
Science Editor
Thomas A. Ternquist ’10
Suffern, N.Y.
Assistant Web Editor
James H. Elkins ’11
Livingston, N.J.
Web Content Editor
Irene Leung ’11
Fremont, Calif.
Associate Design Editor
Elsa Gillis ’10
Sandy Hook, Conn.
Video Editor
Amy Chan ’10
Scranton, Pa.
Online Advertising Manager
Daniel B. Baicker ’11
Carversville, Pa.
Marketing Manager
Aditi Manglik ’11
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Assistant Advertising Manager
Donial Dastgir ’10
Scranton, Pa.
Senior Editor
Matthew Manacher ’10
Lancaster, Pa.
Senior Editor
Peter Finocchiaro ’10
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Senior Editor

About The Cornell Daily Sun

Founded in 1880, The Cornell Daily Sun, one of the nation’s oldest daily college
newspapers and one of the strongest organizations on campus, is and always has been
completely independent from Cornell University. The newspaper serves the Cornell
campus and its surrounding community in Ithaca, New York.The Sun is entirely
student-run, publishing Monday through Friday during the academic year, with special
Graduation and Freshman issues during the summer. In the 127 years that The Sun has
been publishing, some famous names have graced its pages, including
Editors-in-Chief E.B.White ’21 and Dick Schaap ’55; Associate Editor Kurt Vonnegut ’44;
Business Manager Oscar Mayer ’34; and business board member Frank Gannett 1898. In 1912,
The Sun became the first collegiate member of the Associated Press.

Perspectives on The Cornell Daily Sun

I think that almost everyone
Admires The Cornell Daily Sun
While other papers rise and fall
The Sun does not descend at all
Where is today the New York World?
Its pages are forever furled.
The New York Sun does not exist;
It’s deader than the Federalist.
And who, of all the men who can script,
Recalls the Boston Evening Transcript?
And yet The Cornell Daily Sun
Will never bow to anyone.
It scorns the censure of the city
And every Faculty Committee;
It does not heed the discontent
Evidenced by the President;
“Sic Semper,” says The Sun, “tyrannis!”
So floreat Sol Cornellianus!

-Morris Bishop ’14

I was happiest when I was all alone — and it was very late at night, and I was walking up
the hill after having helped put The Sun to bed. All the other university people, teachers
and students alike,were asleep. They had been playing games all day long with what was
known about real life. They had been repeating famous arguments and experiments, and asking
one another the sorts of hard questions real life would be asking by and by. We on The Sun
were already in the midst of real life. By God, if we weren’t! We had just designed and
written and caused to be manufactured yet another morning newspaper for a highly intelligent
American community of respectable size — yes, and not during the Harding administration,
either, but during 1940, 1941 and 1942, with the Great Depression ending, and with World War
well begun. I am an atheist, as some of you have gleaned from my writings. But I have to tell
you that, as I trudged up the hill so late at night and all alone, I knew that God Almighty
approved of me.

–Kurt Vonnegut ’44