May 2, 2006

Senior Tennis Players Reflect on Highlights, Memories

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Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams finished 2-5 in the Ivy League this year. Although the final records don’t seem as if they are especially worth celebrating as we near the end of the 2005-06 academic year, it is important to celebrate the contributions of the four senior tennis players, Brett McKeon, Ray Wu, Mollie Edinson and Liying Wang.

McKeon was eager to share his tennis beginnings.

“I’ve been playing tennis since I was four years old, just hitting around balls with my dad,” he said. “However, I’ve been playing competitive tennis tournaments since I was eight.”

Earlier in the season the Red defeated Harvard for the first time since 1960. McKeon defeated his singles opponent in two sets and was victorious alongside freshman Kyle Doppelt in his doubles match.

“My most memorable experience this season was beating Harvard. I hated how the Crimson was always so cocky,” he said. “They came into the match this season overconfident and assuming an uncontested victory, so for us to come out and completely dominate them was a truly fulfilling and fantastic feeling.”

Upon some reflection, McKeon offered some insight concerning the impact the coach, Barry Schoonmaker, has had on him and the team over the past four years.

“Being a part of Coach Schoonmaker’s program here and being a part of the group he creates has been the most memorable and fulfilling part of my time at Cornell,” he said. “Coach brings in guys with a purpose in mind. He has truly created a fun and united team, and that, perhaps, is the first thing that I’ll remember 50 years from now.”

The two seniors on the women’s team, Edinson and Wang, have also made significant contributions to their team. Edinson and Wang have both been playing tennis for 16 years. When asked about her most exciting match, Edinson alluded back to a match in Hanover, N.H., this past season.

“This season it was my doubles match at Dartmouth. I was playing with [freshman] Catherine Duboc and winning the doubles point depended on us winning the tiebreaker of the match. We really stepped it up and took the match, which gave us a lot of momentum. We beat them at their own court, and it was a great feeling.”

Edinson must have made an impression on her younger teammate.

“[The seniors] have been inspirational leaders for me,” Duboc said. “They made my freshman experience great.”

The women’s coach Laura Glitz agreed whole-heartedly.

“They’ve been great leaders, and I feel like they brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the team,” she said. “They definitely set the example as seniors and co-captains.”

When asked about how she feels about her Cornell tennis career coming to a close, Wang tried to hold back the emotion.

“It’s really sad. It’s been such a great part of my life at Cornell,” she said. “I think [the team] will do great next year, though. We have a lot of freshmen in the lineup this year, so everyone will only get better.”

The men’s team appears hopeful as well for next year, according to McKeon.

“I think with the group of guys we will have next year, the stage is set for a solid year. The current freshman that we have are insane in terms of their work ethic,” he said. “They seem to always be out on the tennis court, in the gym or on the track. … If they carry that work ethic into next year and instill it in the incoming classes, the potential for future teams is boundless.”

Archived article by David Sims
Sun Staff Writer