May 12, 2006

Pardon Our Dust

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Notice anything different?

Welcome to the new home of the Cornell Daily Sun. After over a year of planning, development, testing and rehashing, we hope you enjoy what our all-student team of designers and programmers have brought to life. Based on the open source Drupal Content Managment System, our new website has a number of new features (including forums and a Cornell Wiki, and many more on are on their way (we won’t ruin the surpise).

We’ve also added benefits for those who register, including instant approval of article comments and the ability to edit the Wiki pages. Registration takes about a minute, so try it out today and get access to all our site has to offer.

While we upgrade, there are still a few bugs that need to be ironed out. Feel free to post any you find here, as a comment, or in our forum devoted to the new website. We appreciate any feedback or suggestions you leave (We’ll try and get our archived material up as soon as possible!). In the meantime, why not help us flesh out that wikipedia? If you are interested in joining our design team, just email [email protected] We are always looking for top talent to help improve our site.

Thanks for stopping by,
Michael Morisy
Sun Managing Editor