September 14, 2006

Greek Chic: A Fashion Guide to Going Out

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Going out on the weekends at Cornell has become stale. Don’t get me wrong, the parties are great and the people are fun — it’s the unfortunate choice of going-out attire we’ve been seeing all over campus that’s got us down. It might be all of the hills, the great walking distances or just plain laziness, but it has now become commonplace for girls to dress entirely too casual for Friday night parties, one of Ithaca’s few occasions to get a little glamorous. Sporting a uniform of undemanding jeans, tees and flip-flops, girls going out to Friday night parties may as well be mistaken as students late for an early morning class if it weren’t for the time. The sense of spirit and occasion these mundane fashion offenders lack though is unfortunately compensated by the other extreme of bad party-fashion gripping Cornell; the flashy, gaudy look comprising of noisy, high-heeled stilettos, teeny tops and minis, and a whole lot of skin. The campus’s fashion reputation is in danger, as the “going-out” style of Cornellians continues to gravitate toward these two extremes. With the beginning of a new school year, while the enthusiasm for attending frat parties is still abound, now is the time for Cornell to refocus and re-center its nightlife look. Always remembering that simple, sensible fashion is the best option for parties.
We understand that you want to look attractive when going out, but all too often the distinction between hot and trashy is confused. It’s long been time to retire those strappy, high-heeled stilettos and to leave the flip flops at home when gearing up for a party. Let’s be pragmatic: often unable to shower post-party, either due to laziness or unconsciousness, crawling into bed with beer-drenched feet is nasty. Rather, opt for wedges and flats, both fashionable and apropos for all the dancing and frat-hopping the night brings.
And with all that bumping and grinding with the party crowd, avoiding accessory overkill is clutch. Layers of bulky necklaces and countless chunky bracelets are not just un-trendy but dangerous to wear in crowded public spaces for fear of getting caught on something or someone. Instead, embrace discreet, unobtrusive jewelry. Choose neat, efficient and très hip wristlets or clutches, reserving the season’s other hulking bags for daytime uses.
An accessory that is never out of style, particularly with Ithaca weather, is a warm jacket or coat. Having been victims of one of many coat-thieves prowling the frat parties ourselves, we know the trick here is to be thoughtful in choosing your cover-up. Purchasing a unique (read: not The North Face), yet inexpensive jacket at a thrift store is recommended, as it will be easy to spot amidst the piles and not disastrous if stolen. Yet …
… Wearing a jacket in frigid weather cannot be sidestepped. Absolutely nothing is more fashionably erroneous than dressing weather-inappropriate. Cozy calf boots, for example, look totally cute and party-friendly when paired with skirts and even tights.
It is unacceptable for Cornell to continue dressing so haphazardly and inappropriately when a chic, sexy night-look can be achieved simply. Simplicity is, in fact, the essential quality of perfect frat-party style and ensures fun for all. So this weekend when you find yourself prepping pre-party, repeat our Mantra from the timeless Coco Chanel: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”