September 14, 2006

The History of Eavesdropping

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The term “eavesdrop” has its origins in the architectural genius known as the eaves of a house. The eaves are the part of the roof that extend past the actual outside walls, so that rainwater will pour off of the slanted roof, away from the house and its potential damage. (We weren’t born with gutters, you know). This creates a dry area to stand outside the house (the eavesdrop), and, incidentally, the perfect venue to overhear what is going on inside. The term “eavesdropping” has definite negative connotations because of its implicit proactive busy-bodiness. Like a snoop, or a meddler, or a wire-tapper. But an overhearer? There’s no fault there. We cannot help but overhear. And be overheard. So keep them coming to [email protected]. Every Thursday in the Sun.

Girl : I don’t understand why they’re making such a big deal about this new president. There’s a new one every year, right?
-Arts Quad

Girl, to friend: I’m late for class today cause it was taking me a long time to come. It was worth it.
-Kaufman Auditorium

Guy on cellphone: Why did you put that on facebook? Why did you set your status as “malevolent?”
-Libe Café

Girl 1: He’s a really nice guy. And smart. And funny.. but…
Girl 2: Yeah, I know… that sucks.
Girl 3: I hate it when that happens.
Guy: When what? When what happens?
Girl 1: [sighs] He wears Tommy Hilfiger.
High achiever: Hey- remember guys, “D” is for diploma.
-Psych 101

Girl: …so my friend got a tattoo of a Hebrew letter because she was Jewish, but then she realized that Jewish law prohibits tattoos…
-Apartment building lobby, NYC

Girl, ticking things off a list: …I want this $800 vintage Luis Vuitton bag, a new iPod, an HPV…[long pause]
Friend: WHAT?
Girl: Vaccination. I want an HPV vaccination.
-ILR building

Drunk guy: So do you want to go see it?
Drunk girl: Uh, yeah. What was it again?
Drunk guy: You know.. that thing I was telling you about.
Drunk girl: Oh, um, yeah sure. Let me grab my condoms. Purse! I mean purse. I need to grab my purse. For my phone. And wallet.
Drunk guy: Don’t forget your condoms.
Drunk girl: Yeah, I’ve got them.
-Frat party