September 22, 2006

Advertising FAQ

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Q: Hi. I would llke to know what the requirements, conditions and procedures are to advertise on the Daily Sun for student organizations. Thanks.

A: Student organizations are able to receive discounted rates for display advertising in The Cornell Daily Sun. To do so, you must go to the Student Assembly Finance Commission (SAFC), located in 109 Day Hall, and request a Cornell Daily Sun Advertisement Authorization form. In the office, you must select to pay either using your organization’s SAFC funding or through other arrangements. If you pay using other arrangements, your organization still receives the discounted rate of $5.85 per column inch. Once the authorization form is signed and stamped, please fax it to The Sun’s office at (607) 273-0746. Your ad may be e-mailed to our office at [email protected]. Please note that we require pre-payment and the authorization form before the print date of your ad.