September 22, 2006

Senior Co-Captains Lead From Midfield

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If you had to pick a candy to embody this year’s field hockey team, M&Ms wouldn’t be a bad choice. Like milk chocolate coated in a hard candy shell, senior co-captains Sarah Miller and Lindsay Moyer have proved to be a most satisfying combination in the midfield during their four years with the Red.

“Lindsay and Sarah are really good complimentary captains,” said head coach Donna Hornibrook. “I think as a captain team they do a really good job of balancing each other.

The only two freshmen to travel their rookie season, Miller and Moyer have experienced a lot together, including two rough first seasons at Cornell.

“We’ve been through a lot, both having been through the 3-13 [1-6] seasons,” Moyer said. “We kind of depended on each other as a support system to make it through.”

Now, the only two seniors on the team, the pair has begun to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Last season, the two were part of a Cornell team that set a school record for wins (10) and this year the Red is off to its best start in program history with a record of 4-1 (2-0 Ivy).

With 85 career starts between them, the captains give the Red experience in the midfield — an invaluable asset on a team with 18 underclassmen.

“The midfield is one of the hardest spots to play in on the field,” said sophomore Kylie Burghardt. “They bring such experience to it and they share their knowledge, which makes this team that much better.”

Similar in many respects, it may be their differences have helped make Miller and Moyer such a successful leaders.

“It’s maybe like a good cop/bad cop dynamic — with me being the bad cop and her being the good cop,” Moyer said.

Miller agreed to an extent.

“I wouldn’t say I’m always the good cop,” she said. “When I get mad, I’m not usually as eloquent as she is.”

Moyer may be the more vocal of the two, but Miller also has her moments, earning her the affectionate nickname of “Miller Time” from her classmate.

“I hate that,” Miller said. “I don’t know why anyone says that. I can never get rid of it.”

Moyer clarified the nickname.

“We call her ‘Miller Time’ not because of the alcoholic beverage, but because she’s literally on her own time zone,” she said.

However, in terms of their careers with the Red, Miller and Moyer seem to have the timing just right.

“I think that they’re both playing the best field hockey of their careers,” Hornibrook said. “They know that this is their opportunity to really lead this team and they’re making the most of it.”