October 19, 2006

W. Tennis to Take On Ivy Foes at Northeast Regionals

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After a dominant performance at Mock Duals in front of its home crowd, the women’s tennis team looks to continue its success at the Northeast Regionals in Hanover, N.H., this weekend. The tournament consists of all the best teams and players in the northeast region, including numerous Ivy League adversaries.

The netters are on a roll after having three second-place finishes at the USAFA Invitational, along with victories against both the University of Massachusetts and Binghamton at Mock Duals.

“I thought we played really well,” said head coach Laura Glitz. “We are in the place we need to be.”

The netters had put together a pretty solid season going into the USAFA Invitational, but then really stepped up to the next level when they showed the home crowd their true talent by dismantling both teams at the Mock Duals.

Sophomore Tamara John was not particularly satisfied with her performance prior to this winning streak, but now she feels like she’s back on top of her game.

“I’m playing really well right now,” John said. “I’m going to continue to compete really hard.”

The Red will bring its four qualifying players to the very competitive Northeast Regional this weekend. Senior Kasia Preneta will be in the main draw, while senior Nisha Suda and sophomores Tamara John and Elizabeth Googe will be in the qualifying draw.

“Depending on the draw, I think everyone has a chance of doing really well,” Glitz said.

The matchups for the Northeast Regionals will play a key role in determining the Red’s chances of a good performance. The team has been practicing and working hard to prepare for this moment and they believe that they will have a good chance against any opponent.

“Our team is working really hard,” John said. “Sometimes we’re really tired, but that makes us stronger and brings us together.”

Glitz has been running very thorough practices and has been working on the team’s strength and conditioning this year in order to make the team perform at an even higher level.

“Overall, we’re trying to improve our fitness and beat teams that we haven’t beaten before,” Glitz said.

So far this season, the Red believes that it has been accomplishing its goals and also thinks it can continue doing so throughout the remainder of its fall season, continuing through to the end of spring. Their goal for the year is to be the best in the Ivy League, and the team believes that its performance so far indicates that it has a very good chance to accomplish its goals.

“Our team is playing really well,” John said. “We’re definitely on our way.”

The confidence of the Red is only rivaled by its work ethic and practice regimen this season. The players believe that they are improving everyday and have the ability to beat any opponent if they play at the top of their game.

“I feel like I’m doing much better than I did last year,” John said. “I’m more confident in my game and I’m competing really well.”