October 27, 2006

Burning Question

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Although Ithaca is a small town, it certainly boasts a wide array of eateries. This week, The Sun decided to find out what your favorite Ithaca area restaurants are.

David Stein ’10
“I like Blue Stone because of the lobster ravioli.”

Matt Klein ’10
“Bogart Grille. It’s good food and reasonably priced.”

Vana Koutsomitis ’09
“The Heights — high quality food and good display, even though the atmosphere is kind of uptight and it’s expensive.”

Laura McCarthy ’10
“Kyusho because it’s fun — they cook in front of you.”

Anna King ’09
“My favorite is CTB because it is the most social and has something for everyone. And I also love Collegetown Candy because it has Tasti-D-lite!”

Alex Gallo ’10
“Zaza’s. It’s just good Italian food.”

Michael Lazar ’10
“Louie’s Lunch. Impeccably clean. Cuisine to die for.”

— Compiled by Ben Eisen