November 7, 2006

C.U. Republicans Stand by Candidates

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As the midterm elections near, the Cornell Republicans are showing their support for the Republican candidates, especially congressional candidate Ray Meier and Tompkins County sheriff candidate Brian Robison.

The Republicans have chosen to focus on these figures because of their emphasis on local issues.

“As the Cornell Republicans, we feel we need to look at local candidates. We believe both have an understanding of the local area,” said Ahmed Salem ’08, a member of the Cornell Republicans.

At the same time, the Cornell Republicans are supporting candidates that are focused on “keeping our country secure and continuing the healthy growth of the economy,” Salem said.

Meier, who has experience on the State Senate, will be running against Democratic Oneida County District Attorney Michael Arcuri for New York’s 24th Congressional District seat.

“We feel that Congressman Meier is keeping the elections on a local level. He has a proven record of lowering taxes, [and] of understanding fiscal responsibilities. These are sort of the key issues,” Salem said.

According to Meier’s campaign website, Meier’s tax policies “will ensure hard-earned money stays where it belongs; in upstate New Yorkers’ wallets.”
Salem also emphasized Meier’s ability to bring jobs and businesses to the region and initiate health care reform.

Brian Robison, candidate for sheriff and retired Ithaca Police Department officer, is also running on the Republican ticket. His opposition includes incumbent democrat Peter Meskill, who is seeking a third term, and Citizens for Change candidate Timothy Little.

Like Meier, Robison’s appeal is his understanding of local needs.
“He’s very good at addressing student needs. He’s closer to home,” Salem said.

The Cornell Republicans also support Robison because of his extensive experience in law enforcement.

According to a speech given by Robison and released by Robison for Tompkins County Sheriff, he has “been a proud member of local law enforcement for nearly 23 years, both in college law enforcement and public law enforcement for over 20 years at IPD.”

In an article printed in the Ithaca Journal, Robison stressed the need for “prompt, professional, public safety services throughout the county.” To meet this end, he suggested “expanding cooperative efforts between all public safety agencies in Tompkins County.”

Robison for Tompkins Sheriff emphasized this point, describing Robison’s plan to “improve cooperation with area law enforcement agencies to eliminate duplication of efforts.”

To show their support for these candidates, the Cornell Republicans have been assisting on these campaigns.

“We’ve been [at Meier’s Auburn headquarters] for four weeks straight,” Salem said, “We phone bank. We call perspective voters and tell them about Ray Meier and remind them to vote on Nov. 7. As Election Day nears, we will do more phone banking and voting efforts. We will be going and helping people to vote.”

According to Salem, members of the Cornell Republicans have even phone banked from their personal phones.

Salem is hopeful that their efforts will lead to victory for the Republicans.

“We’re pretty confident they’re going to win,” he said.