November 9, 2006

A Life in the Year: The Other Cornell

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The State Diner, the twilight zone of local eateries, where, at a certain time in the early morning, you can expect to run into a mixed crowd of hunters in camoflage and student long hairs, all chowing down on the State Diner perennials of hamburger, coffee, and rice pudding. Oh, State Diner, the best place to take your hang over on a Sunday morning, or your folks to brunch, or just to sit alone with your French toast drowned in maple syrup and your endless refill, as you bathe in the smiles and How ya doings of the authentically nice waitresses and the ambience of a genuine Ithaca landlmark, and try to get the prehistoric, dysfunctional table jukeboxes–the same ones that serenaded the Formica dreams of your predecessors–to work. Never mind. All hail the State Diner and her Vegas-style neon sign. Forever may they slurp, sizzle, and blaze into the endless Ithaca night!
[img_assist|nid=19716|title=No. 7. The State Diner, State Street. Wednesday, 7:46 p.m.|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=66|height=100]