November 9, 2006

The Scoop on Jeans

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Jeans make the world go round. There is absolutely no doubt that without the beauty and functionality of denim, the world as we know would cease to exist. Not only would our butts appear far less perky than their maximum potential, we would continuously find ourselves ironing and lint rolling piles of linen, polyester and non-wrinkle free cotton trousers. However there is one particular aspect of denim that is not absolutely amazing, and that’s the amount of time we girls perpetually invest into seeking out the perfect pair of denim: that pair with the perfectly placed pockets that give us either a desperately needed boost or a slimming effect, the pair with just the right leg cut that either elongates stumps or softens chicken legs and of course, the pair that you can wear with anything to go anywhere. A few tips below will clue you in on how to grab that pair that’s perfect for you!
If you’re on the curvy side with a slightly bigger bottom and thighs, make sure to avoid skin-tight styles and any extra embellishment on the back, like the new popular vintage treatments make the butt area look worn. There are some jeans that extend the worn effect half-way down the thighs, giving you the powdered butt look, and, since lighter shades enlarge, making you appear larger than you are. Also, choose pockets that are proportionally sized and spaced (too small and wide spaced will make your backside look even broader). If you wish to give your bum a little boost, try getting a pair with butt pocket that have buttoned flaps. And if you want to minimize the area, avoid pocket-less styles and aim to find ones where the back pockets are lower on your body. That is, the pockets skim over your curves, effectively giving the illusion of decreased surface area.
Boot-cut styles will balance out a lush figure. It is important that we stress boot-cut, not flared. The latter are much too reminiscent of the 90s and in general, will make you look very frumpy. Especially if you have shorter legs, we recommend you stray from anything flare as it will immediately worsen the problem. For something a little more current, we suggest you invest in a great pair of straight-cut jeans. These will look absolutely amazing with heels as well as ballet flats — just make sure you alter the length so that they can be worn with both kinds of shoes. In fact, it is of dire importance that you hem every pair so that they are the perfect length. This is the ultimate trick in always looking put together and chic.
If you happen to be tall and thin, definitely try a pair of skinny leg jeans (very narrow ankle opening) or extra low-rise styles to show off your flat tummy and slim hips. If short legs are getting you down, slim-fit styles with a slight flare will make your legs look longer. At the same time, be sure to avoid cuffs and stove-pipes as these visually shorten the length of your legs.
Our final and most important point: the wash of your jeans is absolutely crucial, as the wash affects the emphasis/minimization of your features but the overall look you outfit will elude. By choosing darker denim, you look thinner and, in general, more dressed up. Conversely, you’ll look larger in lighter washes, giving off a casual vibe. Make sure the tone is rich and even, and definitely no whiskers. A few brands that are personal favorites include Seven for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Joe’s Jeans and True Religion. While these brands are often quite pricey, remind yourself that it is smarter to always look your hottest in that one perfect pair of $150 jeans than not with five pairs of sub-par $30 jeans.