November 14, 2006

Spoken Soul Poetry Slam

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The Spoken Soul Poetry Slam is a social space where people can come chill, have fun, and share anything that is on their minds, hearts, and/or souls. Students, faculty, staff, family, friends, and everybody else is invited to join us. Keep in mind:

*It’s a free event at the Robert Purcell Community Center’s TV Lounge.

*It’s about community and having fun. Come chill and listen to the music of DJ Double A. Meet some new people, have some refreshments, and do what you do.

*If we find out it’s your first time on the mic, you’ll hear about it and the world will know that you’re a VIRGIN. Be proud of it ’cause once you finish, you can’t get it back!

*If you slam don’t worry about the points, just share and have fun aight!

What’s a Slam you say? A poetry slam is a performance poetry competition in which 8 people are given three minutes to recite their creation to the audience and a group of five (randomly-selected) judges. These judges, with the aid of their scorecards, will determine the top poet of the evening. The Slam also hosts an open mic for your
chance to perform without competition.

This is the last Spoken Soul Poetry Slam of the fall term, don’t leave Ithaca without being a part of this entertaining experience.

Who’s the feature? Spoken Ink. Nuf said.

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