February 9, 2007

Solo Music

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When I came to college, I was excited to get out of my hometown and meet people more in tune with my interests. My friends at home are cool and all, but I was really dying to find people more on my wavelength — you know, constantly going to concerts.

I’m from outside of NYC, and when I was in high school, if there was ever a band playing that I wanted to see, I went to see them. I didn’t care if it was on a Monday night and I had a test the next day during first period; I still went.

Finding a person to go to most of those concerts with was nearly impossible. I’d start searching months in advance, and the search generally continued right up to the night of the show. I’d normally end up going with some random classmate who was so desperate for something to do that he or she ended up accompanying me to see some band they had never heard of. But in the end, I always got to see the show.

Now, it’s February 8, 2007, and I’m at college! I’m sitting in my dorm room, it’s second semester and I’ve made so many awesome friends. They listen to the same music as me, they’re into going to concerts and they are basically everything that I had hoped for.

But, when the concerts actually roll around, they never want to go! When I look out my second floor window in Court Hall, I can see Appel, the place where Akron/Family is performing.

Most of my hall, including myself, is involved with Greek life, and most of them won’t dare to miss a mixer. Originally, one of the other girls in my hall was going to attend this show with me, but sadly, her sorority beckoned. She doesn’t have to do homework or rest because she’s sick; she has to go to a mixer when she’s already gone to about fifteen in the last two weeks!

A band who has gotten nothing but amazing reviews from everyone — pitchforkmedia.com to my best friend who just saw them play at NYU — is playing in the building that I can see from my dorm room window! And I can’t find a single friend to go with!

How about the other girlfriend that I asked this afternoon? She said she might be interested. Guess what? She’s not. Why? Because she has to watch Grey’s Anatomy at 9!

She can download it the second we can get back. In fact, she can probably even download it now because DC++ is great like that. But God forbid she tear herself a whole one hundred yards out of the dorm at the same time as Grey’s Anatomy to witness a most likely incredible concert! Never!

There’s one more option, my friend in JAM. I scrambled around the dorm to find someone with his number, I get in touch with him, and what is he doing? Going to his stupid mixer! He lives in JAM and the only conversations I ever have with him are about music, and yet he’s going to a mixer over a concert! I just don’t understand him, or any of my friends.

The people that I’ve met at college are awesome and totally in sync with my interests, but sometimes, I just hate them! I can’t wait until tomorrow after I’ve gone to the show and had the best night ever, so I can rub it in their stupid sorority, fraternity, Grey’s Anatomy-watching faces!