February 15, 2007

Daze reviews Tap Tap

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Thomas Sanders, the man behind Tap Tap, is quite successful at making his band sound like a conglomerate of every other indie band that is loved. His voice, his incomprehensible lyrics and his exceedingly simple beats are all too familiar to listeners of bands like Tapes n’ Tapes, Arcade Fire, or Wolf Parade. Lanzafame, the debut CD by English-dwelling Tap Tap, is nothing new. Running just seconds over 30 minutes, this album is worth a listen since its composed of a respectable selection of songs. But by respectable I do not mean it will be making your top played list any time soon. The songs are banal, short and forgettable. Like the meaningless title of their debut CD, Tap Tap lacks true artistic meaning. At best, Lanzafame will inspire you to put on the music of other indie bands whose sounds are ever present in each Tap Tap track.