March 8, 2007

Incubus CD Review

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It’s been almost three years since Incubus released fresh material and their newest album Light Grenades expands on the sounds formally explored on A Crow Left of the Murder and Morning View. Overall, the album dips into a variety of styles and the new sound works rather well. Yet I’m afraid the new sound won’t be entirely pleasing to older fans as it combines a much softer feel with their prior hard rock sound. The band’s new direction is dynamic and there’s an undeniable reverie for a group that still makes good and interesting music. The album’s faults lie in song length and track order, but these aspects can be overlooked as Brandon Boyd still remains one of the few vocalists in rock music today who can actually sing without help from studio equipment or production. Incubus has evolved and after releasing five rockin’ albums, Light Grenades will have you pleasantly surprised.