April 5, 2007

Test Spin: Andy McKee

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Stop everything you are doing (except reading), and watch Andy McKee’s videos on YouTube. Watch “Drifting,” “Rylynn,” his rendition of Toto’s “Africa,” watch as much as you want; there are plenty to choose from. Once you do this, you will understand why I had to buy McKee’s most recent CD Art of Motion.
Andy McKee, out of Topeka, Kansas, was deemed “the most innovative and exciting fingerstyle guitarist to emerge in years” by fingerstyle legend Don Ross. Throughout Art of Motion, McKee takes his acoustic guitar (and occasionally harp guitar) and produces brilliant guitar melodies, along with bass lines and percussion. It is difficult to believe that “Drifting” is the work of a single man until you see McKee performing the album (even then, witchcraft is not out of the question). Art of Motion is not for you if you need something to sing along with, but if you are looking for relaxing music to play while sitting around or doing work, give Andy McKee a try.