April 5, 2007

Test Spin: Relient K

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Like one of those lucky days where your iPod shuffles with perfect variation, Relient K’s fifth pop-punk album provides an intriguing mix of light and dark humor amid tracks that are both meaningful and fun. Five Score’s strength is derived from the overall pop-sensibility it possesses: “Must Have Done Something Right” is an instant classic, claiming a top spot as one of Relient K’s catchiest songs to date, “Faking My Own Suicide” is powered by the playful irony of its Death Cab-esque lyrics and a killer classic rock organ, while the piano-driven “Forgiven” echoes U2’s earlier days. Five Score makes a somber but strong finish with “Deathbed,” an intense 11-minute ode to regret, featuring Jon Foreman of Switchfoot. Thiessen, lead singer and songwriter, has clearly not lost his Midas touch. Simply flourishing with dynamic vitality, Relient K’s third consecutive Gold album savors sweetly of the signature wit and progressive maturity they continue to provide.