April 5, 2007

Test Spin: Ted Leo & Pharmacists

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As the sun is shining, pong is set up and you’re out on the porch with friends, I have just the right upbeat, fun and easy-to-listen-to album that you need to have playing from your windowsill speakers: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists’ Living with the Living. The album is a collection of funky, indie-pop-rock songs, with a few tracks that will immediately catch your attention and stand out as favorites. “La Costa Brava,” “The Sons of Cain” and “The Unwanted Things” combine elements of punk rock, folk and dub reggae that in and of themselves make this album worth picking up. With an overall sound reminiscent of Elvis Costello meets The Clash, Leo pumps out soulful and clever lyrics that analyze the politics of heart, intelligence, war and religion — creating a perfect dynamic for whatever situation you may find yourself in. Summer is almost here and we all need to get our fix — so pick up your prescription and have a good time: how can you resist?