April 19, 2007

Review: Field Music

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4 out of 5 Stars
Smoosh the greats of the British pop-rock Invasion through the ’70s, and you’ve got yourself Field Music. From Sunderland, England, the trio come off like they took the Beatles mashed with Love and layered their own instruments over it — perhaps with some Elton John, Kinks and American-imported Beach Boys for extra zest. Like Love, the self-titled Field Music album floats so seamlessly from song to song that the listener could easily lose track and wind up five songs behind.
Swiping some musicianship from the classic rock overlords, does not, however, make a bad band. The George Harrison style twang lead guitar has been rarely been heard since the maestro performed it himself, so “Pieces” and “Shorter” warp time in a pleasant way. Field Music also employs Phil Spector quality strings in songs like “Luck Is a Fine Thing.” Their trio of British-accented boys harmonizes together on nearly every song, which is a welcome flashback to the Good Ole Days.