April 27, 2007

Burning Question

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The Sun published an article yesterday on a new strain of gonorrhea that provoked some thought from students around campus.

Question: “If you had to be an STD for a day, which would you be and why?”

Ted Panarese ’09 said:
“I would be Chlamydia because it’s the least itchy of the three I have.”

Berit Hoff ’08 said:
“Syphilis, because I would be in contact with so many fascinating people … Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde …”

Stephanie Lupo ’09 said:
“Genital warts, so I could give it to that guy [points to Castle] because no girl would want to sleep with him if she knew he had it.

Jack Castle ’09 said:
“HPV because it’s a guy’s best friend, and a girl’s worst enemy.”

Robert Morningstar ’08 said:
“Crabs, because I want to be able to invoke a reaction of horror from people; you can visibly SEE the effects of it … crawling around.”

Alex Haber ’08 said:
“Herpes, because it’s a life-long love affair that one-third of the Cornell population can enjoy.”