June 25, 2007

Kids or Career: Part 1

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“I bet a lot of guys have given up their dreams of becoming pro-baseball stars. Why can’t she just give up her dream of becoming a CPA?” — Guy complaining about his girlfriend’s thoughts about raising a family

While the baseball star premise is a bit far-fetched, it’s probably true that a lot of men decide that watching their children grow up is more important than being a CEO and working 60-hour weeks. Nevertheless, I fail to appreciate the rest of his argument. As I am a female engineering student in a serious relationship and about to graduate, this topic is one I need to grapple with. It is a complex topic and one that both young men and young women who wish to have families one day will need to seriously consider. Whatever we might say about the gentleman I quoted above, at the least, he is misinformed. I intend to discuss a variety of subtopics related to his comments over the next few posts and hopefully shed some light on things we’ve been trying to avoid.