July 16, 2007

Razer DeathAdder: The Ultimate Gaming Mouse

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In my 13 years as a PC gamer, I’ve had the pleasure of using or owning many Razer products, including the legendary Boomslang, the revolutionary Diamondback, and now, the perfected DeathAdder. I say perfected because in the month that I’ve owned it so far, it seems to me to be the absolute pinnacle of optical mice for right-handed users. Razer took hints from the ergonomic design of the Habu, which it developed in partnership with Microsoft. And in terms of raw mouse performance, Razer is the best in the field. The DeathAdder combines the best of both into a stylish gaming mouse that is simultaneously fast and comfortable.

[img_assist|nid=23597|title=Razer DeathAdder|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=100|height=100]
Both the hardware specs and the ergonomics are superior to those of the Diamondback. I suppose the only loss besides ambidexterity, and a very minor one, are the two buttons under the right hand pinky; but most people won’t miss them anyway. Instead of boring you with numbers and details, I’ll simply share my results. After a few days (which is much shorter than the amount of time it took for the Boomslang) to get adjusted to the new design, I saw noticeable improvements in my performance in Counter-Strike Source. As a game franchise that I’ve played for 8 years, you can imagine that such noticeable improvements are quite hard to come by. The performance in Supreme Commander is also excellent, and the new shape is comfortable enough to use in long games as a natural extension of your right hand. The drivers are very robust and customizable, clearly showing the years of refinement of the same basic driver set common to all Razer mice, and they fully support Windows Vista.

As always with Razer mice, the DeathAdder just oozes style with a look that says “Look at me, I’m a hardcore gamer and I’m proud of it.” The soft blue glow and pulsating Razer insignia is surely an attractive sight at any LAN party. Razer has truly outdone themselves this time: the DeathAdder is everything that a PC gamer wants in a mouse.