September 11, 2007

Additional Bomb Threats Target Cornell

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In an e-mail sent to all Cornell students last night, officials asked members of the Cornell community to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity in response to an e-mail bomb threat similar to the one that resulted in the evacuation of Sage Hall on Aug. 29.
According to Simeon Moss ’73, director of Cornell Press Office, the threat was general and “not really specific.” Moss confirmed that the bomb threat “had similarities” to the Aug. 29 threat.
During the investigation by the Cornell Police Department, several other universities reported receiving similar threats.
CUPD is also currently working with officials on the federal, state and local level to determine the nature and credibility of the threat.
Several other universities across the country have been targeted by e-mail bomb threats, including MIT, Clemson, Princeton and the College of William and Mary, whose business school was targeted on Aug. 28.
Moss also said Cornell did not use its text-messaging system to alert students because “it didn’t seem appropriate.”