September 20, 2007

Record Review: The Go! Team

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I always like to describe the sound of the The Go! Team as one that warrants running around really fast, jumping off of shit and maybe doing the occasional combat roll. Proof Of Youth certainly retains the qualities that would call for such a reaction, but it manages to stretch the musical playground a little farther. By toning down the blasting horns, incorporating some more samples and varied instruments, putting up the vocals (although they could manage to be louder) and succumbing to a higher level of production, the Team comes out even stronger and prouder than before. And, of course, Ninja is still rocking the mic with a spit that holds up against any emcee in the game. Public Enemy’s Chuck-D also aids the group greatly as they irk out “Flashlight Fight,” that “get the hell up and fight for something” track that we would all expect from the collective. Now go put on Youth and do some high kicks.