October 18, 2007

Smellerific: Clumsy and Ugly

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It’s quite obvious that “Fresh” fragrances are dominating the male market right now. There are so many varieties of generic clean scents that it is quite refreshing and unexpected to see a new “Oriental” get released. No, I don’t mean made in China; Orientals are sweet, sensual fragrances that are perfect for colder weather.
Lacoste Elegance fits part of the bill as an Oriental. It is sweet, and it’s mildy sexy, but it’s definitely not suited for cold weather. In fact, it’s not suited for any weather because, quite frankly, it’s terrible. Every time I forget just how bad it smells, I just take another whiff and it all comes screaming back to me.
First of all, there is almost no progression in the fragrance.
After the first brief seconds ,which are composed of mint, juniper and raspberry, the fragrance shifts into neutral and stays there for the rest of its fleeting life. The vast majority of the fragrance smells like sugar; pure, straight, highly synthetic sugar. Although I usually have a sweet tooth in terms of fragrances, Elegance is just a cloying mess that gives me a mild headache when I wear it. Whatever perfumer made this obviously has no conception of “elegance” of any kind. 2 stars.