November 27, 2007

City News

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Experts Say Violence Is Act of ‘Street-Gangs’
The assaults at Fall Creek, along with similar activities that occurred over the summer are likely the actions of street-gangs, the Ithaca Journal reported last week. According to several experts, including Prof. John Klofas, criminal justice, Rochester Institute of Technology, believe that the group of young individuals — reported by some to be as young as high school students — qualify as a street gang. Experts believe members of the same street-gang assaulted a man on July 28 on Court Street in Ithaca were also responsible for four separate attacks on Oct. 31 between 8 and 8:46 p.m. in which the assailants repeatedly punched victims while robbing them of their valuables.

Ithacan Sentenced Six Months
For Stabbing
Rakim Slaughter, who was arrested for stabbing his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the back on July 28, received a six-month sentence last week in connection with the crime. Slaughter stabbed his girlfriend at approximately 11:30 p.m. and after fleeing the scene was captured in front of his apartment. The victim was taken to Cayuga Medical Center and was treated for deep lacerations and blood loss, according to police. Slaughter has already served two months, and therefore will only have to serve four additional months to complete his sentence. The sentence also includes a five-year probation period.