December 17, 2007

Deserted Campus Makes for Lame Parties

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Looks like the much-feared winter storm didn’t entirely bury Ithaca this weekend. A University mailing list informed me just a moment ago: “Ithaca Area Spared Brunt of Weekend Nor’easter.” Watch out for that sleet if you’re still in the area. Cornell’s record of snow-clearing on campus isn’t a sterling one, as most students will attest.

The mass exodus out of Ithaca over the past week has weakened Cornell’s armies, however. Straight from the battlefield for the Ivy League Championship over at, Commander Aaron Martinez ’10 checks in with the carnelian post. So are we kicking Yale’s asses? “We’re behind. We need more people. But we’re definitely not beaten, and victory is still within our grasp,” he says, brows furrowed a mere two hours before he’ll send troops out. Never fear, I hear Princetonians and Ellies are still in the middle of finals. Let’s beat them while we’re sipping from our margaritas, shall we?

Anyway, here’s a new question: are you Facebook friends with your favorite professor? The Chronicle of Higher Ed reported that more professors are joining Facebook to build “professional networks” — does anyone besides me find this a bit awkward? Facebook is for students, LinkedIn is for “business types,” but should there be a social network just for professors? Do professors wake up the morning after a party, hungover, anxious to untag less-than-appealing photos of themselves? Would they join meaningless groups and give cutesy gifts to each other? Somehow this terrifies me.

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