January 28, 2008


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I’ve always loved how the political punditry resemble the Hollywood portrayal of the high school social scene. Bill O’Reilly, the overconfident jock, is despised by many people, especially Keith Olbermann, the “anti establishment” character in the corner, mocking him. Joe Scarborough is that needy kid who goes with the flow to get in the good graces of the momentary popular kids. Ann Coulter is the blonde clueless racist girl everyone hates. Chris Matthews is the resident frat boy who makes sexist comments and hits on cute girls. Dan Abrams is the activist/journalist kid, always screaming outrage about the latest hot-button issue and trying to organize a sit-in in the lunch room. The Fox News kids are the closet school Republicans as well as the cheerleading squad. And Tucker Carlson is the kid nobody likes but doesn’t shut up. (Jon Stewart is the guy above it all who hangs out with college kids).

Most striking, none of them show much insight into anything outside of their high school.

Jake Welch is a Sun blogger. He can be reached at [email protected].