January 31, 2008

Fresh From the Cold

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Isn’t it good to be back? The stressful classes, the over-commitment, the crisp air … OK, I actually enjoy the air and as one of the few fans of winter, I have an infatuation with winter scents (those heavy ones I coerced everyone to start wearing four months ago). Well, in case you’re still lacking, I have a wonderful unisex solution.
In France, there is an interesting niche (read: indie/expensive) company named L’Artisan Parfumeur. Now, L’Artisan has a fantastic artistic vision for each of their fragrances. The particular “interpretation” (they are les arts, remember) we will be concerned with is named Ambre Extrême.
This pumped up version of L’eau d’Ambre begins wonderfully feminine with delicate notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. After some progression, the notes become slightly edgier with some patchouli, but Ambre still maintains its poise with help from sandalwood, vanilla and a hint of Turkish rose. The sultry basenotes of musks and amber never really surface because they are part of the undercurrent of aroma that prevails throughout the entire “experience.”
Although it may be a touch too feminine for the insecure male, women (and lovers of women like myself) will be elated by the aura of Ambre Extrême.
5 stars.