January 31, 2008

Winding Sheet EP

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Tristero’s got an old soul with a young body. Comprised of college-age students (including Sun columnist, Maurice Chammah ’10), they form delicate arrangements and write nuanced lyrics that translate onto their music with a remarkable result. In short, their songs will strike you where your heart beats. Their newest album, The Winding Sheet EP, doesn’t signal a departure so much as an arrival; compared to their first EP, A Miracle is Another World’s Intrusion into This One, they sound more sonically cohesive and confident in their ability. Personal favorite is the song “Will They Break,” fronted by Chammah. A wistful ode to the future’s uncertainty, “And your lashes are bending, but will they break when we inflate?” This track finishes out the album on a bittersweet yet supremely satisfying note.