February 28, 2008

10 Questions With Brittany Forgues

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Before the women’s hockey team battles No. 1-ranked Harvard in the ECAC Hockey quarterfinals this weekend, senior co-captain Brittany Forgues joined Sun Assistant Sports Editor Lance Williams for a leisurely skate around the ice. Williams is still trying to recover from Forgues’ blindside body check.

1. I always start out on a serious note; so the women’s hockey team has made the playoffs for the first time in your career. How does that feel?
It’s great, we’re really excited. It’s obviously different because I’ve never gone to the playoffs, it’s a new feeling for all of the seniors.
What about the team this year has made it so successful?
I think we brought in a great group of nine freshmen …
Yeah I heard about them.
They’re a great group of girls and we just get along really well. Not to say that we didn’t get along in years past but this year it is even more so.
The power of chemistry. I can tell you guys love each other. And not to toot my own horn but I did predict good things out of the team this year in a column last semester.

I promise you I did. We heard rumblings about the talented freshman class and I thought, let’s give women’s hockey some love too.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
But now you face undefeated and No. 1 nationally ranked Hahhhhhvard in a best-of-three series. I need your prediction for the series.
I think it is going to be very tight and we’re going to give them a good run for their money.
To say who is going to come out on top would be a pretty bold statement.
That’s what 10 Questions is all about though.
OK, I’m going to predict that we’ll prevail.
I love the confidence. You are predicting that No. 8 seed Cornell will beat the unbeatable not once, but twice?
Yeah I definitely think we can do it.
Many people might think that it is insurmountable …
I’m feeling a “Miracle on Ice” type of thing.
Thank you, I feel it too.
And especially because, as a sophomore, you scored a game-winner against then-No. 8 Harvard, right?
I did.
Will there be a repeat performance?
I should hope so.
You are leading the team in assists this year, how would you describe your playing style?
I’m just the type of person who shows up every day to work hard. I’ll take points just like any other player would but I think it is more about the outcome of the game rather than me getting points.
Spoken like a true captain.

2. I noticed a couple of intriguing things about your profile. The first is that you are Canadian. How is that working out for you?
[Laughing] I think it seems to be going quite well. I’ve got no complaints.
Do you like the U.S. or Canada more?
Oh I think that’s a tough question.
I don’t think I would put one above the other.
I’m just not going to allow that, such a political answer.
I was born in Canada but I’ve been here for the last seven years. I went to boarding school here as well.
That’s right but we’ll get to that later.
You are on the ball, eh?
I am on the ball, eh.
They’re very different but I appreciate them both.
Do you go back to Canada over the summer or have you stayed in the U.S. continuously?
It depends, this past summer I was here for an internship. But for the most part I go back home.
How much do you say the word “eh?”
If you talked to other people they would probably claim that I say it a lot.
Damn Canadians. What is the proper usage?
I don’t even know if there is a real definition?
Is it even a real word?
I would consider it a real word. I use it when I’m looking for clarification on something. For instance I might say, “So we’re going to do pretty well this weekend, eh?”
[Laughing] No comment.

3. You went to prep school at Hotchkiss, right?
I went to prep school too, so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the experience.
I enjoyed it, did you?
You know, uhhh. Take it easy, I’m asking the questions here.
I’m not getting a good vibe.
Well it was great academically, but it was the middle of nowhere and everyone had so many responsibilities, it was just tough. Plus they make it pretty hard to drink and have a good time, don’t you feel it hindered you socially?
I guess that can be argued. But I also enjoyed it from an academic perspective and made a lot of friends from around the world. I think I can go to any city and probably find someone that I know.
Any city?
Pretty much, yeah.
That’s quite a bold statement.
Well we’re being bold in this aren’t we?

4. I heard there is some controversy on the team regarding your nationality …
[Laughing] Really? Who are your sources?
I can never reveal my sources. But are you Latino?
No, I am not.
Or Spanish?
What would you say?
Well I know the answer so it’s not a fair question.
Well I’m not either of those, which comes to many people’s surprise.
So what nationality are you really?
I have native descent, but not significantly.
Native Canadian descent? Does that mean like Canada’s version of American Indian?
Wow that wasn’t even what I was going for, you caught me off guard. I thought you were French.
Oh well I am French also.
French Canadian?
You look the least like a French Canadian of anyone I have ever seen.
[Laughing] I know.
You’re just way too tan, there’s a lot of sun up there, eh?
Not any more than there is here.
So what’s the deal, where do you get the tan complexion?
I’m just lucky, it was bestowed upon me.

5. Let’s talk about pre-game rituals, is part of your role as a captain to “get everybody going?”
I think my role is to make sure everyone is prepared. Whether that means getting everybody going, I’m not really sure. Depending on the game, you have to go about it in different ways.
Do you play a particular song before every game which you enjoy?
Yeah I’ve been known to play a song or two.
Give me an example.
I’ve played the “The Way I Are” a few times.
From Timbaland?
First of all, the song title is grammatically incorrect, which bugs the hell out of me. But why Timbaland, what does he do for you?
I’m not exactly sure, I’ve never really thought about it. I guess it just gets the team excited, and I particularly enjoy the song, so I think people find it quite hilarious to see me enjoying the song.
What exactly does that mean?
I guess I’ve been known to throw in a dance move or two when it comes on.
How would you describe your dance moves?
Not socially acceptable.
I wouldn’t say I’m the best dancer.
Would you describe it as convulsive?
[Laughing] I think there are a few people on the team who are more convulsive than myself, but I would say that it’s not very fluid.
Can you give me a preview?
Oh yeah.
What day is it?
Yeah I don’t dance on Wednesday’s. I’m sorry.
That’s very clever. Is it a religious thing or what?
It’s just something that I’ve come to incorporate into my weekly routine.
Do you also not drink on Wednesday’s?
No, I can’t say I’ve ever done that. [Laughing]
Is Wednesday the only day you don’t dance or are there multiple days?
It depends on the week.
You change it up, I’ve got you. But back to the song, why not throw in a little “Eye of the Tiger” every once in a while? I feel like that’s motivational.
I agree.
Has it been Timbaland the whole season?
Yeah pretty much.
So it’s like a superstitious thing at this point?
Yeah I guess you could say that.
Don’t you dare switch it up this weekend for Harvard.

6. Better movie, Mighty Ducks I or II?
I’m going to go with the first one.
But here’s the thing about the first one. Now I will concede that it is a great story and Emilio Estevez is the legend. But they only won their little conference in Minnesota or whatever. Who really cares? In the second one, they won the world championship!
Yeah I guess I remember the original Mighty Ducks more, it’s the go-to choice.
And another thing, how does the team go from being the worst in their bullshit division one year and the next year they are the best in the world?
He’s the real deal, he took them all the way.
[Laughing] I think I’m getting a little too worked up over this, I need to calm down.

7. We’re both seniors so I want to ask you that dreaded question, what are your plans for next year?
I don’t know yet actually, I’m waiting on a bunch of stuff.
I’m not going to beat around the bush, will you be sleeping on a teammate’s couch in Collegetown?
[Laughing] If they’re lucky I will be.
Is that right?
Yeah I would be gracing them with my presence.
They’ve been asking me to, actually I should say begging me to stay in Ithaca, but would you want to stay here?
Absolutely not.
Exactly, but I may come visit once or twice.
It could be cool to hang out with no responsibilities though.
Yeah I mean they said they would cook, do my laundry, all this stuff.
Wow, keep bargaining. That sounds like a pretty good deal.

8. Now this is not my original question so I don’t want any angry emails from the people reading at home. But apparently there is a running joke on the team regarding the Bravo show “Project Runway,” so I quote, “who is the fiercest bitch on the team?”
[Laughing] Besides myself?
I would go with Jenny, I think she’s pretty fierce.
Jenny who?
[Sophomore goaltender] Jenny Niesluchowski.
Now why is she fierce?
She just walks the walk and talks the talk, she’s just fierce.
What exactly does fierce mean?
What does fierce mean? I don’t know, I guess it’s just an aura. You’re fierce, you can just see it, you know?
The sad thing is that I know exactly what you’re talking about. My girlfriend loves “Project Runway,” and unfortunately I have seen in more times than I am willing to admit here. But the quote comes from this designer guy who always calls his outfits fierce, right?
Yeah he does.
He scares me.

9. Another slightly racy one, who would win in a cage rage, [senior co-captain Caeleigh Beerworth] “Beers” or [junior Brianne Gilbert] “Gilb?”
[Laughing] I don’t know Beers is pretty strong. Gilb is feisty though, so it would be a toss-up.
My question is, why do you guys talk about this?
Why do we, I don’t know.
Well why those two girls in particular? Are they the enforcers on the ice?
No, they love each other, but every time we need to talk about a good cage rage they step up to the plate and toss themselves into the mix.
So who would you pick?
Oh I don’t pick I just try to take all the bets.
I see, you’re the Vegas odds maker?
Yeah I just try to make sure everyone is wagering appropriately.
[Laughing] Now I’m going to get in trouble with Cornell Athletic Communications again. She’s just kidding guys, don’t worry about it. But speaking of fighting, did you see that NHL player get cut in the neck?
I did.
Have you ever taken a skate to the jugular before?
Not recently.
What’s your worst hockey injury?
I was on the concussion train for a while.
That’s not a good train to be on. Were you a true hockey player and went right back in there after sustaining a concussion?
The few times that I was allowed to stay, yeah I did. But I’ve had a few really good ones.
How many are we talking about here?
I haven’t had one at Cornell, but at Hotchkiss I h­ad a couple.
Just a couple? You just mentioned like six of them right there.
Yeah they’re racking up, you lose track.
[Laughing] Wow, that’s intense, I’m a little scared right now.
I’m a little scared too.

10. Who is the hottest men’s team at Cornell?
Oh I forgot about this one. So I guess that mean’s attractiveness, right?
Well there are all different definitions, some people go with teams they have lots of friends on, others go with a political answer, it just really depends.
Oh yeah, I remember one girl threw out a club team to stay out of the fury.
Really? I don’t think it’s that furious. I mean, it might be a little fierce.
Very fierce.
We did a poll and I’m going to say men’s lacrosse.
Why are they the hottest?
I find the guys on the team very gentlemanly.
Gentlemanly? I can’t say I was expecting that one.
I have a couple friends on the team and they’re very nice.
Do you feel like you’re betraying the men’s hockey team by not saying them?
No, did they say that?
No, but some people like to go with sister/brother teams. They don’t do it for you?
Well I’m not really looking per say anyways.
You’re taken, off the market?
I’m off the market.

10 Questions with Lance Williams will appear every Thursday unless he sustains another concussion from Forgues’ checks. Lance can be contacted at [email protected]