February 28, 2008

Smellerific: Eryo by Yves Rocher

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I’m not going to lie, nature is hot. Everyone is saving the environment these days. Hell, even car manufacturers are pretending like they care about sustainability. If giving up meat is too much of a stretch for you (believe me, I miss delicious animal protein very much), then you could buy cosmetics instead. Before you max out your credit card at Sephora, let me warn you that there are only a handful of companies that truly offer environmentally conscious products.

One particularly unknown company named Yves Rocher makes a variety of unique eco-friendly products. Being a “passionate yet sensitive” scent, a perfume named Eryo caught my eye. This self-described fresh oriental starts of extremely heady. Although the citrus is not as pronounced as it could be, the mint and the rosemary hits your olfactory organs like a beautifully decorated wrecking ball. The fragrant herbs settle down after a few minutes and blends awkwardly with the vanilla and patchouli in the basenotes of the fragrance. I can’t say I really understand this fragrance; in fact, I think it even confuses itself when trying to decide what type of experience it wants to give to the wearer. Regardless of this mediocre fragrance, it’s the thought that counts. On that note, please remember to recycle this paper.