April 1, 2008

Arts Boxer Briefs

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BJ’s Big News:
Novak concerned about fact checking, leaves comedy career to become Sun Copy Editor
BJ Novak announced today that he is leaving his role at The Office to help with with fact checking. “My brains, smarts and good looks are obviously need elsewhere,” he told The Sun today, and then promptly asked us for a job. “That’s what she said,” The Sun replied.
Arts Editor Shamed, Quits Job, Wears Disguise Around Campus
Arts and Entertaiment Editor Peter Finocchiaro ’10 quit his job Saturday night after being called out by BJ Novak for a minor gaffe. If interested in the position, please contact The Sun.
Porn Star 101:
Jenna Jameson hired to teach The Art of Pornstar-ology in the Hotel School. Jameson unavailable for comment.
Old Arts Editor Looking for Wife, Looks Great in Suit, Ladies
Interested? Call Peter Finocchiaro at 613-379-8321.
Zac Efron … Hotelie?
Zac Efron accepted into the Hotel School’s Class of 2012. “Hottest Ivy” finally an accurate name.

-Compiled by Jonathan Lieberman ’08, Our Fearless Leader Emeritus