September 4, 2008

The Pita Pit

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At The Pita Pit, it is possible to make just about any pita you desire. This last time, my friends Meghan and Sarah and I dove into two off-the-beaten-path pitas: the California Club pita and the Dagwood pita. The California Club’s signature ingredients are avocado and turkey, and thanks to the employees and their knowledge of combining various veggies, I personalized the California Club with banana peppers, grilled onions, peppers and cucumbers. I finished the deal off with some tangy chipotle sauce. Sarah, the first to experience the laid-back California Club, was also pleasantly surprised: avocado and turkey in a pita is not something one has every day. Meghan chowed down on the Dagwood, which is a monster of a pita that features four meats: turkey, ham, roast beef and bacon (optional). Meghan’s immediate reaction was, “That’s a lot of bacon!” and after tasting it myself, I’ve gotta say that the bacon’s crunchiness mixed with some ranch and banana peppers made my stomach a satisfied customer. I say: hit up The Pita Pit and experience the most intriguing pita you can find — with their high quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong.